Just look at the graphical fidelity of this thing, in Malicious Rebirth‘s latest trailer, which developer Alvion put out this week. Pretty amazing, huh? Especially for a download title for the PlayStation Vita that’s priced in Japan at 1,500 yen.

Until you find out, of course, that the original PS3 version of Malicious was sold for 800 yen. D’oh!

But this is no simple port from the PS3 to PS Vita. With Malicious Rebirth, developer Alvion is adding new stages and new bosses – like a “Resurrection” chapter – to challenge players with; one of the criticisms players levied upon the third-person action title was the game’s length.

In the Resurrection chapter, you face off against a newly added boss who’s said to be a “Container for Souls”.

Every single boss in Malicious requires a different strategy to deal with. In this case, you’ll need to chase the boss around and get him to reveal his weak point, as seen in the image above.

It remains to be seen if Malicious Rebirth will be a hit now that it’s been ported over (with new content) from the PS3 to the Vita.

Malicious Rebirth is slated for a November 22 released on the PlayStation Store (Japan region), to be sold for 1,500 yen.

An Asian/American/European release date has not yet been revealed.


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