Megpoid the Music♯ (read as “Megpoid the Music Sharp”) developer ParaPhray today put up the game’s first promo movie, which offers a look at the fantastic animation work they’re doing for the title as Vocaloid Gumi dances to the song Rosetta.

This promo movie comes courtesy of Megpoid the Music♯’s official website, which has also listed Rosetta as the fifth song revealed for the game.

Rosetta was produced by “Tooka-P” or “10 Days P” (10日P) who’s also known by the name “monaca:factory” (credited for the song’s lyrics, composition, arrangement).

Dance choreography for the PV was done by Sacchaso (さっちゃそ).

Here’s the full version of Rosetta in its original form on Nico Nico Douga, for those of you readers who haven’t had a chance to hear the entire song:

Megpoid the Music♯ for the PSP comes out in Japan Spring 2013.

No overseas release has been determined.


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