The official website for Megpoid the Music (Megpoid the Music Sharp) has just been updated with news of a confirmed release date – 28 March 2013 – as well as information on two mini figures that would be included as part of the game’s limited edition.

The figures are named “Petanko Mini!” and “Puchikko Mini!”. The former features Vocaloid GUMI in her trademark 1st costume, plunking her butt down like any good Petanko does (not to be confused with “Pettanko” which is more commonly used to described “flat-chested girls”; “Petanko” refers to a girl sitting with her butt flat on the ground).

Puchikko Mini! on the other hand has the Vocaloid – whose voice bank is based on Megumi Nakajima (Macross Frontier’s Ranka Lee) – in an original costume created specially for the game, said to give GUMI the look of a “boyish town girl”.

Petanko Mini and Puchikko Mini are two of the product lines offered by figure maker Penguin Parade that feature many other game and anime franchises.

In other related Megpoid the Music♯ news, developer ParaPhray has also uploaded four Twitter profile icons for the sake of GUMI fans who’d like to show their support for the PSP game on the popular social network:

Megpoid the Music♯ for the PSP comes out in Japan March 28, 2013.

No overseas release has been announced.


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