It is only days to Perfume’s last leg of their WORLD TOUR 1st, which will be held at SCAPE in Singapore this Saturday. A special documentary is to be broadcast on NHK on Boxing Day.

The special documentary will feature Perfume’s WORLD TOUR 1st footage, of which we can only guess that there will be messages and thoughts from the ladies and the staff/crew travelling with them. The documentary will air on Wednesday midnight, at 24:25 GMT+9.

So far, fans of the previous tours from Taiwan, South Korea and Hong Kong sang Dream Fighter, wonder2 and My Colour respectively at the end of the concert.

Here are some of the costumes Perfume has donned for the past tours:


Hong Kong

South Korea

Fans in Singapore and the region, including those farther away in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, will see Perfume perform this weekend at SCAPE Warehouse. The last leg of the live will be broadcast in over 62 theatres all over Japan, and one in Taiwan.

Source: Natalie


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