Asagi, “The Eternal Next Main Character” who appears in many of Nippon Ichi Software‘s games, will be featured in NIS’s Comic Market 83 merchandise alongside Disgaea D2 and Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox goods – even though she still doesn’t have her own video game.

From top to bottom: Asagi T-shirt, Asagi Prinny plush toy, Disgaea D2 poster, and a Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox desk mat.

The “sample” image you see above, of the design for the Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox desk mat, is based on the game’s main visual but done in a super-deformed (SD) motif.

Other NIS goods that’ll be sold at Winter Comiket this year include Prinny goods, a visual art book containing illustrations on games NIS published in 2012, free swag to be distributed to booth comers, as well as special purchase bonuses for fans. More details on what these latter items will come at a later date.

<Event Details>
Event Name:Comic Market 83

Date & Time
29 & 30 December 2012 (Saturday & Sunday): 10:00~17:00
31 December 2012 (Monday): 10:00~16:00

Venue:Tokyo Big Sight

Booth Name:Nippon Ichi Software

Booth No:West 4th Level Enterprise Booth 551

Booth Plans: Sale of goods, distribution of some free swag (planned)

Organiser: Comic Market Preparation Committee コミックマーケット準備会

Comic Market 83 Official Website:


Asagi Fan Club

Outside of their Comiket plans, today Nippon Ichi Software also brought word of an update to an “Asagi Fan Club” promotional campaign they’re currently running to commemorate the company’s 20th anniversary.

The Eternal Next Main Character Asagi is trying to amass 10,000 fan club members in a bid to convince NIS to finally make her the star of a new game. And so far she’s doing pretty well; over 5,000 members have signed up.

To encourage gamers to join Asagi’s fan club, NIS previously promised a slew of rewards that would come into fruition should the number of fans hit certain milestones. For instance, advance sales of the Asagi T-shirt and the Asagi Prinny plush toy at Comic Market 83 were rewards for the 500 and 1,000 member milestones.

The reward for another milestone hit early on (300 members) – Asagi PS3, PSP, and PC wallpapers – have also been released today:



Other milestone rewards for the Asagi Fan Club campaign include a character song at 3,000 members (they’re making it now), and Asagi character song album CD at 5,000 members, a bunch of other undecided rewards, and finally… an actual game starring Asagi at 10,000 members.

To download the wallpapers for PC, PS3 or PSP, listen to a preview of the Asagi character song, or otherwise join the fan club (you’ll have to download some Asagi twitter icons and use one of them on your account), head over to Asagi’s Room  on the Web.


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