Muramasa: The Demon Blade was easily the most beautiful Wii game that I’ve ever played. Although I’ve finish the 2D action game in its entirety, the gameplay and graphics were so ravishing that I would absolutely buy it again on the PlayStation Vita (now that it’s being ported over).

These first batch of screenshots that publisher Marvelous AQL have released should give you a sense of the game’s splendour (it’s called Oboro Muramasa in Japan, by the way; “Oboro” meaning “demon blade”).

But to truly appreciate the game’s viscerality, you need to see it in motion. Only then will your heart be set aflutter by its fluid, picturesque 2D graphics. This game looked so pretty that I enjoyed running endlessly in one direction for several minutes and looking at the backdrops cascade by.

Thankfully you can get a taste of that by heading over to Oboro Muramasa PS Vita’s official website, which let you sample some of the game’s animated backgrounds via the arcane art of Macromedia Flash.

Set in mythological Japan, and based loosely on the Genroku era in history, Oboro Muramasa or Muramasa: The Demon Blade tells the story of two playable characters – amnesiac ninja Kisuke, and young princess Momohime (accidentally possessed by the spirit of swordsman Izuna Jinkuro) – as they each travel across Japan to accomplish their individual goals.

Kisuke starts out from the western part of Japan (Kyo) and heads for the eastern Edo area, while Momohime goes in the opposite direction. The two playable characters only meet once during a hot springs scene somewhere in the middle, and do not know about each other’s quest. However, as players eventually find out, their fates are actually related.

Throughout their journeys, players will get the chance to collect up to 108 different demon blades, each possession different attack and super moves.

At the moment, not too much has been unveiled about the PlayStation Vita port of Oboro Muramasa, other than that downloadable content will be released for it. Through DLC, Marvelous and developer Vanillaware plans to add four short-story episodes, each featuring a different protagonist, that will be fully voiced and serve to expand the game’s universe for fans.

It stings a little to learn that the new content would not be included with the base package. But since this is developer Vanillaware (who champions 2D, sprite-based design with their games) that we’re talking about, I’d say they deserve every last penny.

Oboro Muramasa for the PlayStation Vita is slated for a 28 March 2013 release in Japan.

 Source: Oboro Muramasa


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