If you’re one of those lucky folks who managed to snag a VIP ticket to Perfume‘s Singapore concert, you might be holding on to a piece of paper that could be worth over S$1,000 online – if you’re willing to let go of it, that is.

A Yahoo! Japan Auctions user going by the online handle hisanyack put up an auction for a pair of Perfume 1st World Tour Singapore Performance VIP tickets with entry reference numbers somewhere between 201 and 250.

As concert-goers would be admitted into the concert location in batches of 50, this meant that the ticket holders would be part of the fourth group of folks to be admitted, allowing them to view the performance pretty up close.

Starting price for these tickets? 8,000 yen (regular retail price for VIP tickets were at S$120).

Over the course of the next week, however, the auction price would soon balloon from its humble 8,000 yen starting bid, to well over 80,000 yen (approx. US$1,070). And that’s price per ticket; if you wanted both of the pair, the winning bidder was to pay the same auction price for each of the pair, plus 1,000 yen for shipping.

The much-coveted Perfume 1st World Tour Singapore performance tickets first went on sale at the AFA Shop at Scape shopping mall on October 14 at 10AM on a Sunday morning. J-Live Asia, the organisers for the concert, allotted half of the available tickets to physical shop sales, with the remaining half to be won through online ballots at the concert’s official website.

Knowing that the number of tickets would be extremely limited, not only because of the 50% allotment but also of the event venue’s physical size, at least 150 Perfume fans in Singapore queued up overnight to guarantee their victory spoils.

And they were right on the money – VIP tickets to the concert were sold out shortly after ticket sales began in the morning, leaving many in the queue disappointed as they had to settle for the S$80 General Admission ticket. By 12 noon, a short two hours after sales began, even the General Admission tickets were all gone.

So the fact that the pair of tickets being auctioned online bore an entry reference number between 201 to 250, is a pretty big deal.

Judging from the description on the auction page, where it explicitly says that the tickets will only be shipped to Japanese addresses (“from Singapore to your home address in Japan via Kuroneko Yamato express home delivery with package tracking”), we’re assuming that both of the winner bidders are residents of Japan who would be travelling here to watch the performance.

We’re quite surprised to see that even Japanese fans of Perfume – who could always go to see the popular electropop trio perform whenever they go on tour in their home country – were willing to fork out this much money for tickets to the Singapore concert, despite the fact that it would be streamed live to Japanese audiences at 62 theatres all across Japan.

Part of that appeal could be due to the “cosiness” of the location; unlike Perfume’s nationwide concerts in Japan, their Singapore concert is said to be a cosy, “standing room only” performance that’s a return to their roots.

The high prices at which hisanyack were able to get for his pair of Perfume Singapore performance VIP tickets has prompted a surge in Yahoo! Japan Auctions listings for more tickets – several other users have begun listing General Admission tickets on the site, although there have not been any bids made for those due to their exorbitant starting prices. Besides the fact that they are, well, General Admission tickets.

There is, however, one ongoing Yahoo Japan! Auctions that should prove interesting to watch for in the coming days. User toma09103 has put up an auction for a pair of VIP tickets with an entry reference number within the single digits (001 to 009). Whoever wins the auction for these tickets will literally be amongst the first to go in, and stand in the very first line of the audience.

Currently, the highest auction price for these single-digit tickets are at 30,000 yen. But there’s still three more days to the auction’s closing.

We’re almost terrified to find out how much these tickets will eventually go for. God help us all.

Source: Yahoo Auctions! Japan


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