Ayaka Nishiwaki (A-chan), Yuka Kashino (Kashiyuka), and Ayano Omoto (Nocchi) – better known collectively as the Japanese electropop act Perfume – arrived safely at Singapore’s Changi Airport at 5.40am this morning.

They were greeted by a group of about 20 resourceful fans – not just Singaporeans, but also some Japanese and even one Australian fan – who went down to Changi Airport’s terminal 3 after deducing that the popular J-pop group would likely arrive in Singapore this morning, a calculated guess based on the fact that Perfume had just finished a “Best Hits Japan 2012” concert in Hyogo prefecture’s Kobe city last night.

Footage above courtesy of Eriol, a member of the Perfume (Singapore) Fan Club

“It’s an awfully tough schedule for them [Perfume],” a Japanese fan from Miyagi prefecture’s Sendai city  (who declined to be named) told SGCafe. He and his travel mate, a fellow Perfume fan also from Sendai, touched down in Singapore yesterday.  The pair of friends managed to snag tickets to the Singapore performance via the J-pop group’s official fan club in Japan, the P.T.A. (“Perfume to Anata”, meaning “Perfume and you”).

“Just yesterday Perfume were in Kobe for a concert, and then afterwards they had to immediately make their way to the airport to catch a plane here to Singapore. Otherwise they would not be able to make it in time for tomorrow’s concert and the fan meet-and-greet session later today,” he said in Japanese.

“We decided to come down after reading a tweet last night, from someone at the Kobe concert, that Perfume was headed off to the airport,” his travel mate added.

It was a similar story for over a dozen members of a relatively small and tight-knit Perfume Fans (Singapore) Facebook group who showed up bearing a printed banner as well as various gifts and fan letters for the musical act. Some of these members were at the airport from as early as 11PM last night.

Not all of the fans that greeted Perfume this morning had expected to be able to see the J-pop group this morning, however. One in particular, Mr Tsuyoshi Ogata, just happened to have his flight arrive in Singapore two hours before Perfume’s flight was due to land.

“When I came out of the arrival gates, I happened to chance upon these three guys wearing Perfume-themed T-shirts,” he recounted to SGCafe in Japanese.

“Curious, I struck up a conversation with them, and it was Mr. Takeshi over there who told me that I was in luck. That Perfume was going to arrive here soon.”

The Mr Takeshi that Ogata speaks of refers to a Japanese Perfume fan working and residing here in Singapore.

Back in October, Mr Takeshi was the first person in line at the AFA shop to purchase a ticket to Perfume’s Singapore showcase. He was there at the ticketing counter from 5am on Saturday, more than 30 hours prior to the start of ticket sales. Naturally, when news that Perfume might be arriving in Singapore early this morning, Mr Takeshi decided he had to be there.

That said, even when compared to Mr Takeshi, Ogata-san himself was no less hardcore a Perfume fan. Although this time he was here partially to spend time with his wife touring Singapore, Ogata had previously also been to all the other locations in the “Perfume World Tour 1st” series – Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea.

(Pictured above) The camera-shy Mr Ogata, along with Perfume swag that he had on him.

Ogata also revealed to SGCafe that even within Japan itself, he’s been to numerous Perfume live concerts, often times to repeat performances scheduled on multiple different days from within the same concert tour.

Despite having seen A-chan, Kashiyuka and Nocchi live in concerts on numerous occasions, Ogata was nevertheless extremely thrilled to meet his idols this morning.

“This was an unexpected coincidence. I’m elated beyond words can describe,” he said.

Perfume is slated to perform at Singapore’s Scape concert hall this Saturday night.

The Singapore showcase, the last leg of the Asia concert tour and said to be a cosy affair the likes of which not seen since 2008’s “Game Live Tour”, will be streamed to 62 cinemas across Japan on the same night.



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