The handheld platform everyone loves hating on, PS Vita, is here to kick ass and chew bubblegum! And it’s all outta gum.


Just in time for Christmas, it seems Sony are finally getting their act together with this unfortunate piece of hardware, which thus far has yet to get its moment in the limelight, even being beaten by the PSP in most regions. A system with such potential would be a shame to waste, and the latest firmware update from the big S serves as a step in the right direction towards rectifying the Vita’s poor trajectory to date.

Let’s take a look at the new features:

  • Playstation Plus. Those two words alone should give any Vita owners means to rejoice. The PS3 version of the online service has shown great value, giving users free games, discounts, and more cool features than you can shake a stick at in the year since its release. Current subscribers to the service on PS3 don’t require a new account, either, as this works cross-platform across both the Vita and its big daddy PS3. So sit back and download those free Vita games!
  • Another long-requested feature for the device is finally here – an improved browser. No more will you have to close a game in order to open a browser, as the Vita now supports multitasking in limited quantities. The browser also now has support for both HTML5 and JavaScript. Welcome to 2010, Sony!!
  • The ill-fated Near app which failed to reach levels of usability akin to its competitor StreetPass has now been upgraded, with a new UI which should at least make it easier to use now.
  • Wireless connection to your PC from the Vita is now possible with Firmware 2.0, allowing you to transfer content to and from your desktop box without having to fish around in your USB cables to do so.
  • With this update you can finally send emails with the Vita. Seriously Sony, why did it take this long?! Anyway, sour grapes aside, it will be pretty cool to send game screenshots via email to your friends.
  • PlayStation Mobile has been added, which gives easy access to PSM specific games.
  • Communication with friends has also become a lot easier with the LiveArea screen.
  • The Vita’s status as a media consumption device got a bump-up with support for 1080p video, and new video player features such as slow motion and chapter skip.
  • Automatic syncing of trophies is finally here, and this also uses multitasking to sync in the background while you play games or use other apps. Screenshots will also be captured in the background.


Check out the official site for more info on the latest update for Vita here.




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