Need help beating the Monday blues after the blast that was AFA2012 Singapore? Or maybe you weren’t able to make it to AFA this year?

Either case, here’s how you can catch up on all the AFA weekend action – but you gotta do it quick. Like, within the next five days.

Over the AFA weekend, Nico Video live-streamed of all the “I Love Anisong” concerts (for free) as well as hosted live shows from the event hall for the benefit of fans in Japan who weren’t able to make it down here to sunny-side Singapore for the convention.

And all that footage from the live streams over the weekend is still being hosted on Nico Video’s servers, waiting for you to watch them.

But there’s a catch: in order to access archived live-streaming content on Nico Video after the stream is over, you need to be a premium Nico Video member.

Free users are allowed to access archived streams too – but only if they remembered to hit the big yellow “Reserve for Timeshift” button prior to the stream commencing. After which you can watch the archived footage once, and only once.

Premium members, on the other hand, can reserve timeshifts after the broadcast is over, and watch it as many times as they want as long as the content remains on the servers.

If you’re a non-premium Nico Video user, you can upgrade to be a premium user by going to your account settings. Premium membership is priced at 525 yen per month, and can be paid via Paypal.

For those of you who are premium users, here are the links to the various archived AFA2012 streams on the site:

Live from AFA2012 Day 1 (November 10)
Live from AFA2012 Day 2 (November 11)
AFA2012 “I Love Anisong Concert” Day 1 【T.M.Revolution】
AFA2012 “I Love Anisong Concert” Day 2 【BABYMETAL/m.o.v.e./fripSide/LiSA/FLOW】
AFA2012 “I Love Anisong Concert” Day 3 Part 1 【Sea☆A/栗林みな実 (Kuribayashiminami)】
AFA2012 “I Love Anisong Concert” Day 3 Part 2 【May’n】


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