Sonic the Hedgehog, Nights, and other Sega stars are making their way into the Tokyo-based game maker’s PS Vita free-to-play title Samurai & Dragons, as part of a “Sega All-Stars Pack” in-game campaign that will be held between November 28 and December 12.

You remember Samurai & Dragons, right? If not, maybe this lil’ sizzle reel featuring gravure idol Ai Shinozaki will help jog your memory (more on Shinozaki’s involvement with the game here in our previous story).

During the Sega All-Star Pack campaign period (no relation whatsoever to the recently released Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed), players will be able to acquire monster cards depicting at random any of 45 guest Sega characters taken from a total of 17 different video game franchises, for the handsome price of 300CP per pop. This translates to roughly 300 yen per try, although when players buy Samurai & Dragon’s in-game currency in bulk, they’re offered a discount.

It certainly won’t be easy to collect them all; the 45 characters are further divided up into cards with varying rarity ranks: Common (C), Uncommon (UC), Rare (R), and Super Rare (SR).

Furthermore, not all of the 45 characters will be available right from the start of the campaign. Instead, the line-up is split into two halves, and refreshed at the midway point. That said, a smaller pool of available characters per round might actually help collectors to get all of the Sega stars – should they decide to do so.

Participating video game franchises
End of Eternity
Kunoichi -忍-
Let’s Make a Soccer Team series / サカつくシリーズ
Sakura Wars series / サクラ大戦シリーズ
Jet Set Radio series / ジェットセットラジオシリーズ
Shenmue series / シェンムーシリーズ
Super Monkey Ball series / スーパーモンキーボールシリーズ
Space Channel 5 series / スペースチャンネル5シリーズ
Sonic the Hedgehog series / ソニックシリーズ
NiGHTS into Dreams
Virtua Fighter series / バーチャファイターシリーズ
Panzer Dragoon series / パンツァードラグーン
Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity / ファンタシースターポータブル2インフィニティ
Ryu ga Gotoku or Yakuza series / 龍が如くシリーズ

In other related Samurai & Dragon news, on November 28 the game is also scheduled to receive an update that will add a “Magic Cannon User” to the fantasy card-battle-slash-simulation-slash-RPG title.

The new class will be added as the third piece of new content introduced as part of Samurai & Dragon’s 2nd season update patches. Samurai and Ninja class characters can job-change to the Magic Cannon User after they reach level 20.


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