Sega today announced concrete details to a Sakura Wars Paris Assault Force Live 2012 ~Revue mon Paris~ (サクラ大戦 巴里花組ライブ2012 ~レビュウ・モン・パリ~) musical that the game publisher plans to stage at Tokyo’s Aoyama Theatre in December.

Over the course of four days – from December 26 to 29 – a total of six runs of the musical will be held: 6.30PM evening shows on the 26th, 27th, and 28th, and daytime shows on the 28th (1.30PM) and 29th (1PM).

Unlike most live-action musicals, Sega’s Sakura Wars theatricals actually feature the same voice actors and actresses from the original games and animation series.

The 2012 Sakura Wars musical puts the spotlight on the cast from the Paris Assault Force, who were first introduced into the series with Sakura Wars 3. There will also be new characters portrayed at this year’s musical.

This is not the first time Sega has held a live-action musical show featuring the Paris Assault Force or Sakura Wars 3 cast. They’ve been doing this all the way since the early 2000s:

The last Paris-only musical was held in 2009 Sega held the first Sakura Wars Paris Assault Force Live ~The Wings of Freedom are Burning~ (サクラ大戦 巴里花組ライブ~燃え上がれ自由の翼~).

The 2009 show was followed up in 2010 with a Sakura Wars live-action musical (サクラ大戦 巴里花組&紐育星組ライブ2010~可憐な花々 煌く星々~) that expanded the ensemble cast with those from Sakura Wars V’s New York Combat Revue.

Finally, in 2011 Sega staged the biggest Sakura Wars musical of them all to celebrate the series’ 15th anniversary. The Sakura Wars Budokan Live 2 ~Imperial, Paris, and New York~ (サクラ大戦 武道館ライブ2 ~帝都・巴里・紐育~) musical featured the voice cast of just about every major character from the series.

Of course, it’s not possible for the musical to simply get bigger and bigger with every impending year, so this time around Sega is restarting the theatrical series again and doing an entire show based on the Paris cast – which was something fans said they wanted to see, as it’s been three years since they’ve had a Paris-only show.

Tickets for Sakura Wars Paris Assault Force Live 2012 ~Revue mon Paris~ are priced at 6,000, 8,000, and 9,000 yen respectively for A, S, and SS category seats.

Source:, 4Gamer


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