The plot of Sword Art Online – about a group of gamers who play VRMMORPGs in the year 2022 by logging in through a neural helmet called the Nerve Gear, and subsequently finding themselves unable to log out – is split into several story arcs, each focusing on a different VRMMORPG.

“Sword Art Online” is but only the first of these VRMMORPGs in the story. There’s also ALfheim Online, in which most of the events of the anime series occur from episode 16 onwards.

And while Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, an offline JRPG for the PSP, takes place in the fictional VRMMORPG Sword Art Online, at least one character from the later story arcs, Lyfa from ALfheim Online, will be making her appearance in this PSP title. You’ll be able to go through the events in Infinity Moment with Lyfa instead of main heroine Asuna or any of the other side characters (Lizbeth, Sachi, Silica), as shown in the PSP game’s latest trailer here:

This is possible because the events in Infinity Moment will not be construed as canon. Instead, the PSP game is based on an original story penned by series author Reki Kawahara, in which a glitch that occurs after protagonist Kirito defeats the villain in Sword Art Online (the VRMMORPG) prevents the game from registering that it’s been cleared. And thus the SAO players continue to be trapped.

Without any ideas on how they might be able to free themselves, the SAO cast soldiers on in an attempt to reach the 100th level (the PSP will start you off at the 76th). Can the glitched Sword Art Online even be cleared, since the “final boss” has already been defeated? Nobody knows,

What’ll happen to the cast of SAO, and can the glitched game even be cleared, even though there’s no longer a game master?

Fans can begin to find out 14 March 2013, when the Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment is released for the PSP in Japan.


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