It would be impossible for even the most distant of anime fans not to recognise Takanori Nishikawa, frontman of T.M.REVOLUTION, known for his contributions of opening and ending themes to many notable anime and game series.

On the day of his concert, SGCafe was given the marvelous opportunity to have a short chat with Takanori in a group interview. Given that he is so heavily inspired by animation and has a presence in so many different aspects of the media industry such as TV and radio shows, voice acting, dramas and musicals, we asked Takanori what else he would want to be involved in, if not music. In his simple yet stylish monotone jacket and furred boots, the singer told us that everything he has dabbled in plays an immensely important role in his career as a musician; during the songwriting process he may turn to various activities such as drawing or voice-acting as characters he thinks would fit the song. The main focus, then, is to convey what is in his heart to his listeners so that fans from all over the world can enjoy his music, no matter where they are from.

During the interview, Takanori also professed his love for Penang laksa and expressed his wish to become a resident of Singapore!

 Later in the evening, the musician rocked the house at Expo’s Max Pavilion with his first ever live concert in Asia at the fifth anniversary of Anime Festival Asia 2012. Lasting just over an explosive hour and a half, the performance’s impressive set sent fans screaming themselves hoarse and calling for more. He appeared on stage in a snappy militaristic costume and launched the crowd into a frenzy with themes from Sengoku BASARA, Gundam Seed, Soul Eater and BLEACH, saving the well-loved Heart of Sword from Rurouni Kenshin for last. As the set came to an end, Takanori thanked all his fans for being there and waiting for him, and shouted out “I love you!”, much to the delight of his 3000-odd fans who had gathered at Max Pavilion to attend his concert.

A rousing call of “mou ikkai” (one more time) began emanating from the rows of screaming fans, which gradually evolved into calls for an encore, and sure enough Takanori reappeared with his band members once more, this time dressed in a sleeveless fringed version of his Inazuma Rock Fes shirt. The encore treated fans to The party must go on, the ending song to Sengoku BASARA’s 2011 movie, as well as CHASE / THE THRILL from his 2005 album vertical infinity.

Fans can look forward to a second self-cover album titled Under:Cover 2, one track of which Takanori told us had already been released via iTunes on the 7th of November.


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