Konami unveiled the official site for Tongari Boushi to Mahou no Machi (Pointy Hat and the MagicVillage) for 3DS, to be released December 20. A promotional movie was also revealed for the game.



In this game, players live in a world of magic as they collect items and dress up in fashionable gear. Like… pointed hats.


Today with the unveiling of the new official site, more information on the game was revealed, including info on the Shopping Mall in the game which contains multiple stores from which various items can be purchased.


The game is due to be released as both a boxed game and a digital download. If you just want to play the game while you wait for your coffee at Starbucks, for example, you should probably get the download version. If you’re a mega hardcore fan of the pointy hat series however, you may wish to acquire the boxed version.


The two versions are both priced 4980 Yen, and for the download version you will need 203MB (1623 blocks) free on your SD card.

But that’s not all! For true fans of the series, a special Tongari Boushi themed 3DS/3DS LL TPU cover with characters from the game inscribed on it will also be available the same day as the game (remember, December 20th!). The cover is by merchandise maker Hori. The price for the 3DS LL cover is 1580 Yen, or 1480 Yen for the regular 3DS cover.


Official site: konami.jp


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