The record-breaking movie Evangelion Shingekijouban: Q which started screening on theaters across Japan from November 17th amassed over 1 million views in a mere four days after release. To commemorate this auspicious occasion, an Evangelion campaign was started on Friday, letting fans across the country see a 2m tall Evangelion Unit 1.

Evangelion Q is the third in a series of four movies that rebooted the popular 90s animated series Neon Genesis Evangelion, and has been anticipated for years since the previous movie Evangelion: Ha (aka Evangelion 2.0) screened back in June 2009. The movie secured the 2012 opening weekend record for most viewers, and has caused quite a storm across the island nation.

The latest campaign for the movie is being held in conjunction with Japanese video site “Nico Nico Douga”, and the campaign itself collaborates with the “Nico Nico Nama Housou: Q” (Nico Nico Live Broadcast: Q) project which has totally renovated the website’s video player and search features making it much easier to find and watch videos.

Nico Nico’s own special event car, dubbed the “Nico Nico EVA Bullet Shield” will be transporting a 2 meter tall replica of the Unit One robot from the movie around various theaters in Japan, in a project called the “Eva Caravan Unit One Strengthening Plan”.

In addition to this, when the Unit One model gets back to its hometown of Tokyo on December 26, it will be displayed in a new “Eva Shrine” which as been erected in Tokyo’s Sky Three Town. Of course Nico Nico will be live broadcasting the event on its site. Fans of the animated series will have to move quick if they want to ‘worship’ the beast of a replica though, as the shrine is only open until December 30th.




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