Last weekend, consumer electronics giant BenQ proudly sponsored the Intel Extreme Masters tour at Sitex and supported the tournament with their top-of-the-line XL2420T monitor.

BenQ‘s dedication to providing users with top-notch gaming performance is exemplified in the XL2420T, which has been lauded by both professional gamers and FPS/RTS game enthusiasts. Over four exciting days, the IEM at Sitex hosted participants from many talented teams from all over the world, including Ukraine, Spain, Australia, Seoul, Germany, Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore.

Korean Terran player Sting of the Western Wolves beat Dutch Protoss player Grubby in IEM’s Starcraft II final to take home the title of Intel Extreme Masters Singapore champion, with a sweet prize of $6500. The League of Legends tournament saw Polish team MeetYourMakers win 2:1 in a fantastic match agains North America’s Absolute Legends, with the winners bringing home an impressive $15,500 in prize money. Singaporean team itadakimasu and Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Hunters were no slouches themselves, winning joint third and fourth places in the playoffs.

IEM’s next stop is Poland, and will host even more talented players from the 18th to the 20th of January 2013.

Second in projector brands worldwide, BenQ is taking home entertainment to a whole new level with the release the world’s first Full-HD short throw video projector in the first quarter of 2013.

When placed at a distance of only a meter, the W1080ST offers consumers a 65.7inch image without compromising HD projection quality and clarity. In the home, the W1080ST’s zoom lens enables you to utilize the projector wherever you like and yet still retain its stunning visual display. Support for different 3D formats and both Day and Night modes ensures the highest quality of next-gen entertainment, be it gaming, watching movies or HD broadcasts. Combined with BenQ’s unique SmartEco energy-saving technology which offers up to 70% savings in power consumption, it makes the perfect machine for gaming enthusiasts who dream big.

For those looking for something slightly more compact, BenQ also offers the GP10, a light 1.5kg short-throw 720p HD-ready projector which also has 3D support and is ultra-easy to set up: plug it in and you’re good to go!

SGCafe had a bit of hands-on for one of the monitors, XL2420T. The build quality was average, though it was discernible that the graphics were slightly smoother than what most people are used to; not quite true 120mhz, but pretty close. If priced competitively, it might just be a great alternative to the standard 120mhz that are easily three times more expensive than conventional monitors.


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