Day 1's queue

Comic Fiesta 2012, held at Kuala Lumpur’s KLCC on December 22 and 23, was quite an intense weekend. Compared to last year, the queuing system had improved but it’s still quite jammed at times.

This was around 9am on the first day with the line sprawling out the length of KLCC.

Event guide for Comic Fiesta 2012

If you had bought pre-ordered tickets, you were able to get into the priority queue. It was rumoured that the tickets sold out within two hours for the first day. Since I had pre-ordered my ticket, all I had to do was stick on the wristband, get into the priority queue and get into the halls within 5 minutes.

Before even entering the main hall, you would be led into the queuing hall where you can pick up the Event Survival Guide.

Art market page!

Check it out! This was just for the Art Market page of the guide. There were other stores and booths but this page was just for the artist alley area. Prior to this, you could have checked out the artwork or booths on the Comic Fiesta forums or on tumblr with the “comic fiesta” tag. The official event hashtag on twitter or instagram was #cf12.

Entering the halls

This is what you see when you enter. The programme was also included in the guide. Move along or else the people behind you would get blocked!

Info counter

Besides the programmes or panels (Redjuice?!), there were side quests you could do. Just register at the info counter. It’s all for fun really since the ultimate prize for this CF side quest was a free lifetime entry to Comic Fiesta.

List of quests

The side quest is to collect cards from CF and this was the card list. Each card had its mini quests. So if you’re bored (I DON’T KNOW HOW YOU CAN BE!) at CF, try a side quest. It’s held over for both days and you can only know the winner at the end of the second day.

Quest cards

A sample of the card. This card was received when I went to do another activity in the halls. Like getting a free photo taken at one of the university’s booths. GOT TO CATCH EM ALL! I didn’t. Boo hoo. There was a LARP quest too next to the side quest booth.

Artist alley

Walk past the Vanguard, Good Smile etc shops and you get here. If you’ve read through the forums or tumblr, you’d know what to buy before the event. A lot of artwork, merch or doujins of various fandoms get sold out even on the first day. If you want something, do not wait. Just buy.

More art booths

You had to move on or else, you’d be jamming the aisles.


Some handmade items. Besides the usual merch, some booth owners also sold macarons and cookies in the shape of Nyancat.


Dollfies were on display too. No flash photography but you could take pictures of them.


Walking towards the stage area. You’d be able to tell everyone likes to buy the doujins, prints or other merch from the booth owners with all the bags they were carrying.

Coffytiam merch

In fact, there was also an official merchandise store for Comic Fiesta 2012 which included bags, badges, t-shirts, a special CF2012 metal pin, and a cosplay photography coffee table book.

The stage

Most of the cosplayers took pictures outside at the park across KLCC or the exterior of the halls where it was much more open. The stage events included cosplay competitions and other performances.

The event stage emcees, Alfred and Shaun, were great. They were lively, and if you understood Malay, you’d be delighted with the hilarious puns in their jokes. While English is understood and spoken by all at the event, a smattering of Malay would be good to understand while you’re out shopping in Kuala Lumpur itself.

No prizes if you can guess the song that the band was playing. The bands that were on stage were very good so hurray for that!

Comic Fiesta 2012 banner

Two days of Comic Fiesta at KLCC can be intense. Prepare the monies, make new friends and have fun!


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