A new commercial has begun airing in Japan for the upcoming One Piece movie, One Piece Film Z.  The commercial also previews one of the two theme songs to be used in the movie (“Bad Reputation” and “How You Remind Me”) by Canadian singer Avril Lavigne (huh-bluh?)

The commercial features a fight scene between the Straw Hat Pirates and the former marine general Zetto Shuurai, touted as the Straw Hat Pirates’ “strongest enemy yet”. The movie itself is said to take place after the Fishman Island arc.

To commemorate the 15th Anniversary of One Piece, the first two million movie-goers can also expect to receive a special goodie bag which apparently contains a special card designed by Eiichiro Oda (creator of One Piece). The original trailer for the movie also mentions a limited edition manga version of the movie (with the rather hyperbolic title of One Piece Volume 1,000) that will be given away as well.

Watch the full trailer for the movie here:

One Piece Film Z will open in Japan on December 15.


Source: Official movie page 


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