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The producer for this game is some guy who calls himself “Keiji Shootingstar Inafune” (稲船☆敬二). Presumable this new producer is not “New Keiji Inafune”, who was named producer for the first Mugen Souls. Neither of these people are the real Keiji Inafune (Soul Sacrifice, Yaiba).

But before we get to that, let’s dial back the clock a little, and provide you with a little context on what we’re dealing with over here.

Since last week, Compile Heart has been teasing on its official site some sort of major announcement that it would be making on Christmas Day. The announcement was said to be its last big announcement of 2012.

Now that it’s Christmas, the link to the big announcement is finally click-able. Doing so will lead you to this site, where the following video is embedded:

The video itself technically doesn’t really say anything. Instead it’s telling viewers to pick up a copy of Dengeki PlayStation magazine this Thursday (December 27) to find out what Compile Heart is really announcing.

But the fact that this announcement involves a “Keiji Shootingstar Inafune”, who’s said to have “succeeded the title” from the previous general producer, is a huge hint.

Back when JRPG Attoteki na Mugen Souls was first announced, Compile Heart pulled a similar marketing gimmick, and said that the producer was one “New Keiji Inafune” who is not the actual Keiji Inafune but who respects the real deal a lot. This New Keiji Inafune person was said to be the General Producer in the Idea Factory group.

Although the real Keiji Inafune wasn’t the producer of Mugen Souls, he did come up with character designs for the game.

In case you don’t remember:

In any case, we know for certain now that this new title that Compile Heart is announcing on December 27 through Dengeki PlayStation magazine is in fact Mugen Souls Z, thanks to this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine.

The new game is a sequel to the first, and will star a new “absolute god” protagonist, Sirma (シルマ), who seeks to conquer the 12 worlds created by a certain other “absolute god”.

In the first game, absolute goddess Chou-chou sought to conquer the seven-colour planets in the first game; which inadvertently meant that she had to liberate those planets from their demon-lord kings. I didn’t exactly play the game so I have no idea what happens in the end, but there are apparently multiple absolute gods in Mugen Souls’s universe.

Ryoji, Nanamedakei, A-10 and other artists who worked on the first game once again return do to the character designs for Mugen Souls Z, with music by Tenpei Sato (he also provided the catchy tunes for the first Mugen Souls). Idea Factory’s Kenta Kanno serves as Director on this sequel.

We’ll update this post later if any further information is revealed. For now, if this is the first time you’re hearing about Mugen Souls, here’s a PV:

mugen souls


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