It was Japan versus Korea in the grand finals of Tecmo Koei’s first ever Dead or Alive 5 Official Tournament, held earlier today at the Tokyo-based games publisher’s head office – right about the same time as Korea’s Infiltration took on Japan’s Daigo Umehara and Hajime Taniguchi (Tokido) in the respective grand finals for Super Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken at Capcom’s Street Fighter 25th Anniversary world tournament in California.

A total of 22 DOA5 players were seeded into the invitational-only grand finals through qualifiers across four cities in Japan (and apparently one in Korea), as well as last-minute qualifiers at the same venue in the morning before the top-22 tournament began.

Amongst the players were hot favourites Yuu (遊) and Mochi. Konidash (コニダッシュ), who beat Singapore’s very own Wilson Chia (BigHeadedTetra) to secure the gold medal at World Cyber Games 2005’s Dead or Alive Ultimate grand finals here in Singapore, also qualified. I could be wrong, but I believe that the Shinobi (しのび) mentioned in the full list of 22 seeded players below is a Korean top DOA player who also came down to Singapore during the World Cyber Games 2005 grand finals.

Here’s a full list of players and what their characters were:
・活忍犬 (Mila)
・FLACK (Haybusa)
・ニキー (Ayane)
・ヴァイス (Kokoro)
・TON (Mila)
・とほ (Tina)
・ジャグラー (Jahn Lee)
・くびなし (Helena)
・闇マ (Elliot)
・輝Rock (Lei Fang)
・PONG (Tina)
・ゆかし (Kasumi)
・遊 (Christie)
・AKA (La Mariposa)
・タク (Lei Fang)
・TestTeam (Kokoro)
・SRF (Akira)
・餅A (Sarah)
・コニダッシュ (Jahn Lee)
・想魔 (Kokoro)
・NCR (Bayman)
・しのび (Kasumi)

Dead or Alive 5 producer Yosuke Hayashi was also present at the event, naturally. In his opening address, he said that Dead or Alive 5 was designed and tweaked for the purpose of being a big-scale tournament game. “Therefore the official tournament that we were able to organise this time around is like a dream to us.”

As a special surprise and bonus treat for DOA fans in attendance (and those watching at home via a Nico Live netstream), Hayashi announced that the grand finals would be played on a slightly (very slightly) newer version of Dead or Alive 5: a build that has got Christmas costumes for all characters (coming out as DLC on December 11) installed in it.

Famitsu, who covered the event, managed to snag a few pictures showing off the new costumes. Here’s a brief look at what’s coming December 11:

After numerous heated battles, the final four came down to Yuu (遊, Christie), MochiA (餅A, Sarah), Kagayaku Rock (輝Rock, Lei Fang), and Korea’s TestTeam (Kokoro). On one side of the semi-final brackets were Yuu versus TestTeam, and on the other, MochiA versus Kagayaku Rock.

TestTeam and MochiA emerged from their respectival semi-final matches for a Koreea VS Japan title match (full tournament brackets here).

In the end, Japan’s MochiA emerged victorious over his Korean counter-part, in a 2-1 comeback win (TestTeam had taken the first game), and was crowned champion. For placing 1st, MochiA took home a 30,000 yen gift certificate.
First runner-up TestTeam walked away with a 20,000 yen gift cert. Third-place winner Kagakayu Rock was also awarded with a gift certificate, worth 10,000 yen.

In the aftermath of the tournament, producer Yosuke Hayashi once again took the stage, and apologised for hardware hiccups that occurred during the event that had temporarily put a stop to the Nico Live stream.

“If we ever get an opportunity to do this again, we’ll return fully prepared and strive for perfection. A big thank you to everyone for supporting the event. We recorded replays for all the matches in the tournaments, so for the matches that you weren’t able to view at home due to the hiccups, please do check them out once they’re uploaded.”

We’ll link to the Dead or Alive 5 Official Tournament 2012 match replays once they’re uploaded.

In the meantime, Nico Video/Nico Live registered users can access about one hour of footage from the tournament’s Nico Live feed earlier today (note: it may be restricted to premium users only):


Source: Famitsu



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