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Looks like the update on Persona 3 the Animation wasn’t the only Shin Megami Tensei-related anime news today; Atlus has just streamed on the Web a first promo video for Devil Survivor 2 the Animation, a TV anime adaptation of the Nintendo DS JRPG that has the same name.

The anime is being produced at studio Bridge, and its production credits include Seiji Kishi (Persona 4 the Animation) as director, Yoshimichi Hirai as assistant director, with Makoto Uezu responsible for the series’ scripts, and Kotaro Nakagawa scoring the show’s musical compositions.

Newly revealed in today’s trailer are credits for character designs and demon designs.

Etsushi Sashima (佐嶋悦史, we don’t know much about him) is doing the character designs, while the demon designs are being worked on by Hiroyuki Kanbe or 神戸洋行, who was director on the OreImo TV anime series, and who also did monster designs for Chrono Crusade and Rosario + Vampire Capu2.

Devil Survivor 2’s character were first conceptualised by Suzuhito Yasuda, and Mohiro Kitoh – who designed Evangelion 2.0’s Third Angel – came up with the original concepts for the Septentriones invaders.

In Devil Survivor 2, mysterious race known as the Septentriones invade Japan and begin their assault on mankind on one Sunday. Their goal: annihilation. Time limit before the end of the world? Seven days.

In an attempt to stop the Septentriones, 13 individuals make a pact with the devil and turn into Devil Messengers, who must defeat the alien threat within seven days (the Septentriones show up and attack at least once a day).

Here’s what the DS game’s cover looks like:

devil survivor 2 nintendo ds

Devil Survivor 2 the Animation is slated to be aired on MBS’s Animeism time slot (late nights on Thursdays; technically Friday’s wee hours) sometime in April 2013.



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