Epson brings about some exciting products for the consumers as well as businesses. We check out on what’s hot for both market sectors. 

Images like this will probably look like the actual thing.

Many printers in the market are unable to print out ultra glossy images without bursting the bank in purchasing photo quality paper and ink. But with the new Epson SureColor T series printers, consumers and businesses not only are able to print glossy posters from the get-go, they can also print out high quality chrome finishings on their paper.

We sure hope local printers can adopt this printer for sale, as it will benefit local doujin artists to add a dash of metallic color to their art, especially chrome.

From left: SC-T3070, SC-T5070 and SC-T7070

SC-T3070, SC-T5070 and SC-T7070 prints in 24-inch, 36-inch and 44-inch formats respectively, and retails for S$4,445, S$6,670 and S$7,705.


Other interesting products include the line of 3D projectors as well as the short throw and ultra short throw projectors.

We were impressed with the Integrated Interactive  short throw projectors  were the EB-1410wi and the EB-436Wi. We love all the features these 2 projectors have. Just check out the list below:

  • Ability to be used as an interactive whiteboard without the need of an attached PC.
  • Ability to project content from a diverse range of input devices – including Wi-Fi and cable connection from PCs, smartphones and tablet devices, PC-free projection from USB memory devices, scanners and printers.
  • Dual-pen capability that allows two users to write / draw on the projection simultaneously.
  • Multiple output options for annotated projections – direct saving of screens into common formats like JPG and PDF to USB memory devices, email or specific network folders – all without the need for a PC.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office ”Ink” that allows users to write on Microsoft documents and save them back into their native format (PPTx, XLSx, DOCx).
  • Ability to facilitate interactive collaboration for up to four locations across the network where users from all four locations can see, annotate and save the document at the same time.

The EB-1410wi(above, left) and the EB-436Wi(above, right) retails for S$2,399 and S$3,299 respectively. The EB-1410wi will be available in stores come the start of 2013, while the EB-436Wi is available now. We reckon these projectors are very useful for both teaching institutions as well as business meetings.


What we are really interested in, is Epson‘s EH-TW8100 Full HD 3D projector. Replacing the older EH-TW8000, this monitor is good enough for wireless HD transmission via its WirelessHD receiver. We foresee the projector to be a hot favourite for gamers and movie buffs alike, since the refresh rate in 3D is also pretty fast, as with what we have tested. The EH-TW8100W will retail for S$4,599 and is currently available in stores.


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