This week’s issue of Famitsu (and possibly is revealing on Thursday three new characters for Imageepoch and Type-Moon’s JRPG Fate/Extra CCC (PSP). Curiously, all three characters bear striking resemblances to Sakura Matou from the previous Fate/Extra.

The three new characters are named BB (character voice: Noriko Shitaya), Merutoririsu (メルトリリス, CV: Saori Hayami), and Passionrip (パッションリップ, CV: Yui Ogura). Brief descriptions after the pics.


A mysterious girl who’s said to be the one who created the Sakura Labyrinth (サクラ迷宮). It’s also unclear who or what gave birth or created BB. She resides in Tsukimihara Academy’s infirmary, and remarkably resembles Sakura Matou. Also, curiously enough, it would appear that Sakura knows about BB’s existence.

The screenshow below BB’s full-body portrait shows a piece of dialogue between Sakura and herself. In it, BB is introducing herself to Sakura, and says that she doesn’t mind if Sakura calls her Bebe, Baby, or whatever she likes. Famitsu’s description of the screenshot adds that BB claims to be an unusual, dangerous AI.

Passionrip (パッションリップ)

Part of her arms on her upper body have been turned into gigantic talons. Resembles BB, but the game does not reveal to the player who or what exactly Passionrip is.
Although initially Passionrip is friendly to the Main Character (you), at some point due to commands from her “mother” (“お母さま”), she will attack MC.

Merutoririsu (メルトリリス… Melt Lilith?)

A girl who has giant pointed needles for feet, a penchant for fighting, and an uncanny amount of fighting ability. Like Passionrip, Merutoririsu has a face that resembles BB as well.

The screenshot below her portrait shows a scene where Merutoririsu talks about her plan to try and steal BB’s eyes, in order to infiltrate some place.

Fate/Extra CCC for the PSP is slated for release in Japan 21 February 2013.


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