Tomorrow, 18 December 2012, marks exactly 25 years after the release of the very first Final Fantasy JRPG on the Famicom in Japan. On this momentous day for the well-loved JRPG franchise, Square Enix is releasing three Final Fantasy 25th Memorial Ultimania reference booksthat features countless pieces of key visual artwork, character designs, and other design reference materials from all 14 numbered sequels.

All that rendered in close to 1,000 pages across all three volumes.

The first volume, covering Final Fantasy games I to VI, document the dawn of the series from the Famicom days, all the way till the end of its 16-bit Super Famicom era. Volume 1’s 336 A4-sized pages feature prominently the artwork of Yoshitaka Amano who had been the Final Fantasy series’s main character, image, and graphic designer up until FF6.

Next, Volume 2 covers the PlayStation 1 era of the series, spanning Final Fantasy games VII, VIII, and IX. The book’s 320 pages feature the work of Tetsuya Nomura (Character Designer, Battle Visual Dessigner, FF7 and FF8), Yusuke Naora (Art Director, FF7 and FF8), and Hideo Manaba (Art Director, FF9) as well as others on the development teams for these titles.

Finally, Volume 3 covers Final Fantasy games X, XI, XII, XIII, and XIV – basically from the PS2 era all the way till the current generation gaming platforms (PS3, Xbox 360, PC).

All three will be sold at major book stores in Japan beginning tomorrow, for the price of 3,255 yen (including tax) per book.

Here are a few sample pages from the collection that 4Gamer shared in their story:

Source: 4Gamer



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