The God of War franchise has paved the path with its cinematic third-person slashing action, along with nudity to boot. That doesn’t stop the game from releasing its 4th console adaptation. We managed to get some hands-on on the demo build of the game, slated for release mid March next year.

SGCafe managed to fiddle about with a test build of the gory cinematic hack-and-slash game. The current developer, Santa Monica Studios, refreshed the cinematic experience with filters that better suit the environment and Kratos himself. While God of War III have pretty decent action segments and on screen sequences, this new release builds on the franchise with an equally promising look, yet with a visually different direction than previously done in the past iterations.

Kratos moves with improved fluidity, but there’s an enhanced feeling of control compared to its predecessors. moves have more flashy effects, with every pound, stab and crunch Kratos deals to his enemies using the Blades of Athena. Kratos also has the ability to turn back time at specific structures at will, giving him a passageway to an otherwise impassable route. The mini-puzzles in the game are standard God of War style, and it doesn’t make you feel frustrated trying to work around the puzzles to get through the next area.

Our only complaint was that our large screen makes it pretty difficult to get the Quick TIme button presses when they are at all 4 corners of the screen. It might be because of the exceedingly large screen during our play-through demo, but we figured that the previous Quick Time events were better. Granted that the demo build is only about 5 to 10 minutes worth of play time, it does feel very solid, almost a full-fledged release.

All in all, we are excited for God of War: Ascension to be released on 15 March 2013 exclusively for the PS3. If you want more action out of the latest God of War, you can register yourself for the multiplayer beta come 8 January 2013.

More official trailers and beta access can be found at the official site. Of course, you must be over 18 to do so.


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