Contrary to popular believe, Japan doesn’t always get all the cool video game-y stuff way ahead of the rest of the free world. God of War: Ascension, for instance, will arrive in Japan on March 14, 2013, two whole days after it’s out in the US on March 12, because video games have to come out in Japan on Thursdays (unless it’s a public holiday on Wednesday, apparently).

And it’s not just God of War: Ascension we’re talking about. Every single recent Street Fighter release, America and Asia gets it a couple of days ahead of Japan’s Thursday game release cycles – even though the fighting games were developed in Japan. Also, Halo 4 came out on November 6 in every single country in the world, except for Japan, where the game was launched on November 8. Take that, Japan!

I’m not too familiar with the situation, but I think game publishers in Japan may actually be required by law to release their titles on a Thursday or something. Or it could simply be a logistic thing, who knows.

Anyway, so God of War: Ascension gets a March 14, 2013 release date in Japan, and if it were any other game, that would have been the end of it.

But Sony’s being extra nice this time around. When the game drops in Japan, gamers will be given the choice to pick up just the game alone, at 5,980 yen, or add 4,000 yen to that and pick up a limited edition “game plus Dual Shock 3 controller” bundle (God of War: Ascension オリジナル DUALSHOCK®3 同梱版). Also included in the bundle is a download code for “Judgement Blade”, a weapon for use in GoW:A’s multiplayer mode.

The thematic Dual Shock 3 controller is gold in colour, and bears the God of War franchise logo (an “Omega” greek sign), as well as the protagonist Krator’s mug. Pretty classy.

At the moment it’s not announced yet if the GoW:A themed controller would be available in other regions, but given that a lot of gamers around the world love the God of War series and would probably… in light of the recent tragedy (which has nothing to do with video games), let’s just leave it as, these gamers pick up the sweet, sweet controller in a heartbeat.

God of War: Ascension for the PlayStation 3 comes out March 12 in the US (and likely Asia… no word on that yet), March 14 in Japan, and March 15 in Europe.


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