Sega isn’t ready to talk about the new songs they’re adding to Project Diva Arcade in December quite yet. They don’t have a video for show and tell yet (unlike Project Diva F).

What they do have, however, are these five images that hint away at five different songs that Project Diva Arcade players can look forward to having a blast with later this month.

The first two are popular Kagemine Rin and Len tracks added this time in part to celebrate their forthcoming birthdays (December 27; make sure to check My Room in Project Diva f on the PS Vita to claim a b-day gift for the twin Vocaloids).

The next two hail from Project Mirai (3DS), which means that Sega had to create brand new PVs from scratch, since Project Mirai videos feature Hatsune Miku Nendoroids as opposed to the non-super-deformed character models you see in the Project Diva games.

As for the final image…  I have no clue what it’s supposed to be. Edit: But SGCafe reader Moogle does (answer revealed in the comments below)!

Answers (and videos) to what four of these songs Sega are teasing at all five songs can be found at the end of this story. Do let us know via the comments if you can figure out what the fifth image is supposed to be.

Special thanks to Moogle for figuring out what the fifth image was hinting at!







Project Diva Arcade November 22 modules

Previously we already told you about these four Vocaloid costumes that Sega would be adding to Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade as part of its regularly scheduled module content update for the month of November.

As it turns out, later in the month Sega decided that four modules for November weren’t nearly enough, and decided to add five more (that we missed).

So while I still have your attention, I might as well take the opportunity to do a quick runthrough of these five new modules that were added to PDA on November 22.

Think of it as an extended **SPOILERS** tag before we get to the answers to Sega’s PDA December song hints.

Fei-Yen Style (フェイ・イェン スタイル, 250VP)
Designed by Hajime Katoki (カトキハジメ), a member of animation Sunrise who’s worked on Virtual On and Policenauts, on top of (obviously) Gundam. This particular module was made to commemorate Virtual-On Mars being added to Sony’s PlayStation 2 Archives on the PSN store.

Racing Miku 2010 ver. (レーシングミク2010ver., 200VP)
Designed by redjuice

Racing Rin 2010 ver. (レーシングリン2010ver., 200VP)
Designed by redjuice

Racing Luka 2010 ver. (レーシングルカ2010ver., 200VP)
Designed by redjuice

Racing Meiko 2010 ver. (レーシングメイコ2010ver., 200VP)
Designed by redjuice


PDA December song answers

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for. Note that these are only guesses on our part. Sega will reveal what the actual additions are later this month.

1) Kodoku no Hate / The End of Solitude  / 孤独の果て(Project Diva Extend version)

Kodoku no Hate is, of course, already in PDA. But the PV for it is different:

2) Migikata no Chou -39’s Giving Day Edition- / Butterfly on Your Right Shoulder -39’s Giving Day Edition- / 右肩の蝶 -39’s Giving Day Edition-

Regular version of Migikata no Chou in PDA:

3) No Logic

Project Mirai version:

No Logic was also a DLC song in the original Hatsune Miku: Project Diva (video below). According to the screenshot Sega shared, however, it’s clear that the PDA version will be based on the Project Mirai one – the backdrop appears to be the same.

4) Mousou Sketch / Delusion Sketch / 妄想スケッチ

This song was never in any version of Project Diva; exclusive to Project Mirai (until later this month, that is).

5) World’s End Dancehall

Yes, wowaka’s World’s End Dancehall (from Project Diva f) is making its way into Project Diva Arcade. According to SGCafe reader Moogle, PDA’s World’s End Dancehall PV will be vastly different from the one as seen in Diva f.

The backgrounds in the new PV appear to be inspired by the following fan-made creation, while the Vocaloid stars’ costumes and choreography are based off the one used in Sega’s Hatsune Miku concert performances (also featured in Live mode from Project Diva Dreamy Theatre Extend; take a look at the second video below).


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