Earlier in June this year, Arc System Works announced that they would be bringing Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R, a rebalanced version of Accent Core Plus (PS2, PSP, Wii), to the arcades.

Shortly afterwards, they also revealed that Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus would also be coming home to the consoles – but not with the fresh round of balance changes in version R for the arcades, at least not at launch (both the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network versions of the game came out in October). The balance tweaks would be introduced at some point in the future to the XBLA and PSN versions via a game update.

Today Arc System Words has refined “some point in the future” to “Spring 2013”.

The Yokohama-based 2D fighting games developer has also apparently ironed out details on what the Spring 2013 patch will contain as well – on top of the balance tweaks made in Plus R, there are also quite a few useability improvements. Here’s what the game update next year will change:

+R Version changes
Note: Updating to +R version is a two-step process. First, you need to launch the game and receive an automatic game update in it (when it’s available). After the update, you’ll still need to download a piece of DLC from the Xbox Live marketplace of PlayStation store before the +R changes go into effect (I hope that doesn’t mean you have to pay for the +R version upgrade; it wasn’t mentioned if this was free or not).

  • The game’s title screen will change to that for version “+R”
  • Help & Options: You’ll be able to freely swap back and forth between versions “ACP” (Accent Core Plus) and “ACP+R” (Accent Core Plus R) under Game Settings.
  • In each mode of play,
  • Ranked Match: Kliff and Justice are now playable
  • Player Match: Kliff and Justice are not playable in all online Player Match sessions, regardless of settings (previously you had to tweak a setting to allow them)
  • Ranking: There will be a new rankings leaderboard specifically made for +R. The currently existing leaderboard will not be discarded or reset.
  • Trophies and achievements: new ones will be added for +R.

Useability changes
These changes will take effect after an automatic game update.

  • Character Selection screen: the game now remembers who your previously selected character was, and which character colour you picked.
  • Network infrastructure: when finding matches with area or network quality restrictions turned on, the game’s matchmaking infrastructure is now stricter in finding potential matches.
  • Ranked Match: the time it takes for finding a match in automatic mode has been reduced, and changes have been made to help players find appropriate matches more easily. When using the Custom Search feature, a “Retry” function has been added to allow players to keep searching for their ideal match until they find something (note: this can be cancelled mid-way). Once a match has been found, the new pre-fight screen will now show your opponent’s connection quality. While searching for matches, you can also set for a sound effect, voice sample, or for your controller to vibrate to notify you when a match has been found.
  • Player Match: Player Match rooms can now accomodate multiplayer players. The player-rotation order can also be set to “Winner Stays”, “Loser Stays” or “Random”. Voice chat is supported in player match rooms after the patch, and you will be able to spectate other players’ matches. When a new player enters the room you can also set for a sound effect, voice sample, or for your controller vibration to go off.
  • Options: You will be able to set a preference for the 1P or 2P position during online games. In cases where both players have set to play in the same position, the game will randomly assign who’s 1P and 2P.

Outside of the arcade, PSN and XBLA versions of Accent Core Plus, a PS Vita port is also planned.

Source: Famitsu


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