Valkyria Chronicles 3 costumes come to Project Diva Arcade in the third batch of new modules for the month of December.

Yep, you read that right – this is the third batch of new modules Sega has added for December (here are the first and second batches). They sure are in a giving mood this month.

The four new modules (two each for Rin and Len) will be added to Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade via an update on December 27. Two of these (Nameless 01 and Nameless 07) are a collaboration with Valkyria Chronicles 3 (in case you’re wondering, 01 is Imca and 07 is Kurt Irving), while the other two are from a piapro contest that Sega organised a while back, asking fans to design Vocaloid costumes that would be used in the loading screens for a game they tentatively called “Project MMT”.

I could be wrong, but I believe Project MMT was the codename for Maimai, and at an earlier point of development Sega considered introducing Vocaloid characters in the arcade rhythm-dancing title.

Nevertheless, if you’re curious which other Vocaloid designs also won the contest, head over to the piapro page over here. Some of these modules may be familiar to you if you’ve been a Project Diva fan for a while now. Stylish Energy, for instance, is in Project Diva f (for the song Remocon or リモコン). A few of the other costumes were also added to Project Diva Arcade in the past.


Nameless No.1 (ネームレス No.1, 200vp)

Designed by Sega


Nameless No.7 (ネームレス No.7, 200vp)

Designed by Sega


Tradschool (トラッドスクール, 250vp)

Designed by Hakiri (はきり)


Student Council Executive (生徒会執行部 250vp)

Designed by Hatsu (初)


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