Ver.B Revision 2 of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade has been on location-testing (a beta of sorts for arcade games) at three of Sega’s arcades since November 9. This coming Thursday (December 6), the new version will finally be ready to be rolled out to all PDA cabinets across Japan that are hooked out to Sega’s network.

Judging from the fact that the Project Diva Arcade cabinets in Singapore were upgraded to Ver.B Revision 1 on the same day it launched in Japan, I’m guessing our cabinets here will get upgraded to Revision 2 as soon as it’s available too.

So what’s new in ver.B Revision 2? Quite a couple of things, actually. Let’s go through them one by one, shall we?

Noblesse Oblige VP raffle present system

The biggest change in ver.B Revision 2 is the addition of a Noblesse Oblige system that, in short, takes from the rich and give to the poor.

Well, more specifically, the Noblesse Oblige system (which literally means “nobility obliges” in French) offers longtime PDA players the option to donate their hard-earned VP for a chance to unlock some of the most prestigious nameplates in the game.

You’ll have to opt into the Noblesse Oblige system via Once subscribed, every single time you clear a song you will be entered into a raffle lottery (takes place on the bottom-right corner of your Result screen) where if you draw the lot for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize, you’ll have to donate a set amount of VP to the game.

Once your donations have reached a certain amount, you’ll unlock one of these four “noble” title plates. Each comes with its own separate name titles as well, but Sega is keeping these titles a secret for now.

The VPs that donated by you (and all other players who opt into the system) will then be doled out, via a similar raffle system, to newbie players who fulfil certain requirement(s) – for instance, only players with under 1,000VP will qualify. (Note that this is not the actual requirement, but just an example; Sega refuses to state what the requirements are, probably for fear of conniving players who might try and abuse the system.)


Song Select: My List expansion

Through the “Functionality Expansion Shop” (機能拡張ショップ) in, players can now obtain up to three “My List” song-select shortlists. In each “My List”, up to 30 songs can be registered.


A new Clear Trial

Ver.B Revision 2 also adds a new type of Clear Trial for hardcore players to attempt – this one’s called the “Consecutive Perfect Trial”.

As its name might suggest, this new Clear Trial challenges players to clear songs perfectly in succession, and… that’s it. It lets you keep track of the total number of Perfect Clears you can chain together consecutively.

Each attempt at this trial costs 30VP, and there’s no VP reward whatsoever for attempting this.

That said, Sega appears to be hinting that should you attempt this challenge, the background colour of something will change… again, they’re being quite coy about the specifics.


Clear Border: Rival’s border marker added

A “rival” marker has been added to the clear border (a.k.a. your life bar in the game mode) to help you easily tell if you’re close to beating your rival’s score or not. This marker will only appear if your registered rival has played the particular song you’re attempting, of course. changes

In your play records on, you can now check your “New Record” and “Consecutive Perfect Trial” scores.

When you access from a device that has GPS built-in, a function to help you find the closest arcade with PDA has also been added.



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