We were right on the money for four of the songs Sega hinted at a couple of weeks back, and SGCafe reader Moogle was right about the fifth song (also the first from Project Diva f), World’s End Dancehall.

Unlike the music video from Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f, the Project Diva Arcade version of World’s End Dancehall features a completely different PV, with choreography from Saigo no Miku no Hi Kanshasai live concert.

All five new songs head to Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade next week, on December 18.

・「孤独の果て -extend edition-」 by 光収容さん
・「右肩の蝶 -39’s Giving Day Edition-」 by のりぴーさん/水野悠良さん
・「妄想スケッチ」 by 40mPさん(リンちゃんver. manip. Dios/シグナルPさん)
・「No Logic」 by ジミーサムPさん
・「ワールズエンド・ダンスホール -Live Dance Edition-」 by wowakaさん

Which song do you look forward to playing in PDA the most?


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