“Buy my collab DLC set, or else!” says the unidentified Vocaloid singer hidden behind The Mask of Toro (that’s not what the item’s actually called, but I’m running with it anyway).

When news of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f‘s “Minna to Issho Collabo Set” DLC pack first broke last month, I bet there were at least some of you who thought “man, 600 yen for a special edition of Po Pi Po and a couple of lame PlayStation mascot cat accessories is pretty expensive.

“After all, Po Pi Po was already in previous Project Diva games to begin with. As for the seven pieces of Minna-to-Issho-inspired customisation accessories? I’m never going to use them.”

Or at least, that was what I thought.

But that was before I had a chance to see this new trailer that Sega just put up today to promote the DLC pack (the second one to be released for Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f), which has just been released on the Japanese PSN store hours ago. My thoughts on the collab DLC have since come a full 180 after viewing it.

Po Pi Po isn’t the star of the Minna to Issho Collabo Set DLC. The Toro and Kuro customisation items are. To be more specific, the possibilities that yield from equipping these catty accessories on Hatsune Miku and her fellow Vocaloid stars, and watch them perform songs like Catfood and the Nyancat song, are the real reason why anybody would buy this DLC pack.

I want it, nya!

Unfortunately, it would appear that the only way Project Diva f players can buy and access the content within this new DLC pack is if they’re logged into a Japanese PSN account on their PlayStation Vita; it was not listed when I checked the Singapore and Hong Kong PSN store a moment ago.

For some reason, the Minna to Issho pack isn’t available on the Asian PSN stores. Even though the first Project Diva f DLC pack made it here in Asia just fine.

Quite the odd situation, given that since Sony owns the intellectual property behind Minna to Issho.

Apart from Project Diva, Toro and Kuro were also included as guest characters in Street Fighter X Tekken. Toro is also one of the playable characters in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


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