lightning returns final fantasy xiii

Over the weekend, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase paid a visit to the Asia Game Show (December 21 to 23) in Hong Kong to give fans a quick presentation on some of the new features in the game.

Droves and droves of fans lined up to watch Kitase’s presentation, all of them eager to greet the esteemed producer as they proudly display their Final Fantasy memorabilia by holding it high up in the air. As you’ll see in this video that Square Enix just shared, some of these fans even showed up in cosplay!

And listen to the fangirls cheer the moment Kitase producer said that he had a new video of the game (the Jump Festa trailer) to show them! And that exuberant applause at the end of it all!

Hong Kong Final Fantasy fans sure are a passionate bunch.

In his presentation, Kitase announced that the game would receive a full Traditional Chinese localisation, and talked a little about Lightning’s new appearance (which he got Tetsuya Nomura to design with the direction that it has to communicate to the player that Lightning has been powered-up) and the setting in the new game. It’s not really new information.

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