New version of Sega’s washing-machine-lookalike rhythm game Maimai Plus (also spelt maimaiPLUS) to be released on December 13. Features additional Vocaloid and J-Pop songs, as well as dance tracks from the Half-Pipe Tokyo attraction at Sega’s Joypolis theme park.

The major upgrade is said to be distributed digitally via Sega’s amusement network, so there is a chance that the Maimai cabinets here in Singapore may be updated to include the new tracks – at least, that’s what happens with the Project Diva Arcade machines here. Readers in Singapore, we’ll let you know if we can get a confirmation from an arcade operator.

Meanwhile, the most exciting part about today’s announcement has to be that Kurousa-P’s Senbonzakura is part of the new Maimai Plus update. I can’t imagine that Sega would license one of the most popular Vocaloid songs out there right now – certainly the most popular player-made custom “Edit” song when Hatsune Miku Project Diva f for the PS Vita launched – and not put it into Project Diva F for the PlayStation 3.

Full list of tracks that’ll be added December 13 (this Thursday) below. Do note, however, that these won’t be the only new tracks added in Maimai Plus. As usual, Sega plans to dole out regular song updates that will include other licensed and Vocaloid tracks.

つけまつける / きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ   (Tsukematsukeru / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)
CANDY CANDY / きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ   (Candy Candy / Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)
サブリナ / 家入レオ   (Sabrina / Leo Ieri)
SPELL MAGIC / Acid Black Cherry
Get Off of My Way / MAN WITH A MISSION

VARIETY (which is what Vocaloid songs are classified under)
スイートマジック / ろん×Junky   (Sweet Magic / Ron x Junky)
ゴーゴー幽霊船 / 米津玄師 (Go Go Yuureisen / Kenshi Yonezu)
Sweetie×2 / Dixie Flatline
ダンシング☆サムライ / mathru(かにみそP)  (Dancing Samurai / mathru (Kanimiso-P))
おちゃめ機能 / ゴジマジP   (Ochame Kinou or Mischievous Function / Gojimaji-P)
BAD∞END∞NIGHT / ひとしずくP・やま△ (BAD∞END∞NIGHT / HitoshizuP and Yama△)
腐れ外道とチョコレゐト / ピノキオP (Kusaregedou to Chocolate / Pinocchio-P)
ロミオとシンデレラ / doriko   (Romeo to Cinderella / doriko)
千本桜 / 黒うさP  (Senbonzakura / Kurousa-P)

Below: Ochame Kinou AKA the song I will be playing for ten hours straight at the arcades:

We Gonna Party / Cranky
Lionheart / Masayoshi Minoshima
Streak / ARM (IOSYS)
Sprintrances / Taishi
air’s gravity / zts
Acceleration / REDALiCE
Starlight Disco / loos feat. Meramipop




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