Megpoid the Music 1st gameplay footage

We’ve known for a while now how ParaPhray’s upcoming PSP rhythm game Megpoid the Music♯ will play.

But today we finally get our first look at the Vocaloid Gumi game in action. On the game’s official website developer ParaPhray has shared a video of Gumi singing and dancing to Deco*27’s Mozaik Role, played on the “Normal” difficulty level.

The new trailer wasn’t everything ParaPhray had in store for fans this week. The game developer also unveiled details on a slew of pre-order DLC costumes that gamers will receive when they pre-order from certain stores.

For those of you planning to pick up the limited edition of the game, ParaPhray has also shared some pictures of the two Gumi mini figures that come with the limited edition of the game – previously all they showed was an illustration, an artist’s impression of what the final product might look like.

Pre-order Bonuses

Vocaloid Gumi cheergirl

Everybody who pre-orders the game in Japan will receive a DLC code for a “ParaPhray Pre-order Bonus” (パラフレ予約特典) cheerleader outfit for Gumi.

In addition, gamers who pre-order from three specific stores – Animate, Sofmap, and Lawson – will also receive a store-exclusive DLC code for a “Rooting for OO! Cheerleader” costume (OO応援!チアガール) branded after the respective retail chains.

cheergirls costumes


Gumi figures

Vocaloid Gumi Mini Figurine 003


Not much to say here, except that the final production models have truly done the original illustrations justice!


Megpoid the Music♯ (read as “Megpoid the Music Sharp”) for the PSP comes out in Japan on March 28, 2013.

Megpoid the Music♯ Official Site


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