The official website for ParaPhray’s Vocaloid Gumi rhythm game (PSP) Megpoid the Music today unveiled a sample image of the illustration that will be used on the regular edition’s box-art when it comes out March 28 next year.

Drawn by Japanese artist Tometa Ohara – one half of the tag-team illustrator duo known as QP:Flapper, and whom Vocaloid Gumi fans should be very familiar with, having done the cover jacket for Exit Tunes’s Megpoid Gumi album Gumitive the illustration features two variations of Internet Co.’s Vocaloid, Megpoid Gumi, in two completely different looks standing next to each other, back-to-back.

Do note, however, the artwork for the regular edition’s packaging (images below) is a work in progress, and is ultimately subject to change. This is by no means the final packaging design.

Illustration with Megpoid the Music♯’s game logo:


Illustration without the logo:

Megpoid the Music♯ (read as “Megpoid the Music Sharp”) for the PSP comes out in Japan on March 28, 2013. As lovely as the image for the regular edition’s packaging maybe, the version that you’ll want to grab is the limited edition one, which comes with Petanko Mini and Puchikko Mini Gumi character figures.

Watch the opening movie to Megpoid the Music♯ here, and read more about the game here on SGCafe! 

Megpoid the Music♯ Official Site


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