Cyborg 009 strikes as a campy superhero team with special abilities as early as anime fans in the 60s, and people who have read the manga would probably be having kids of their own by now. How did director Kenji Kamiyama and his team from Production I.G. fair in this latest film iteration of this classic manga series?  

The nine cyborg warriors known as the 00 Cyborgs were humanity’s efforts to keep peace. As time goes on, the cyborgs are forgotten, but not before the world plunges into chaos once again, and the 00 Cyborgs slowly uncover a deeper conspiracy to it all.

People familiar with director Kenji Kamiyama’s works will find it at home with many twists in his anime direction, as it is apparent with Ghost in the Shell S.A.C and Solid State Society, amongst others. The ‘campy’ feel of the team from Cyborg 009 has left, with all the realism and elements of cyber terrorism intact, with a dose of Kamiyama’s magic. To make it more palatable to the masses, the movie doesn’t dive too much into riddles and in-depth references, but does enough to keep one constantly thinking.  The direction also caters to paying loads of homage to the original manga series, not to mention elements that keep female anime fans interested. Both action and text are heavy here, so come prepared to pay 100% attention to the movie.

The voice cast of the characters are no slouch, either. Mamoru Miyano voices the male lead 009, with many popular and veteran voice actors in the fray, such as Chiwa Saito, Daisuke Ono and Toru Okawa. Veteran actor Nobuyuki Katsube lends the voice of Professor Isaac Gilmore, despite being already in his 70s.

Rating: 4/5

If you fancy catching the movie, you better do it quick, as RE:CYBORG 009 will only air later today at GV Vivocity, so hurry on to grab the tickets!


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