What could Namco Bandai be up to?

Last week, Siliconera reported that Namco Bandai has filed trademarks for The Idol Master and Shiny Festa in Europe, and had the pictures to prove it:

The trademark application status as of last week

This week, they’ve gone one step further and registered Shiny Festa and [email protected] (not “The Idol Master”) as trademarks in the United States, but have yet to make any formal announcements regarding an international release.

Shiny Festa, being a rhythm game instead of the usual idol training/management sim, would be the most likely game in the series to be exported, so this is certainly an interesting turn of events. In all likelihood Namco Bandai is simply keeping their options open, but if world domination by cuteness is on the cards, then I for one welcome our new moe overlords.

Source: Siliconera


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