There are tons of Hatsune Miku costumes available online. But if you want the authentic outfit of your favorite virtual diva, it’s time to order the official Hatsune Miku costume. This is the first official costume release from Crypton Future Media Inc.

Cospa Inc., the official partner of Crypton Future Media in the creation of the costume, is currently accepting orders for Hatsune Miku’s emerald green dress (which is her main outfit). This product was released under Cospa Inc.’s TranTrip label.

Below is the whole outfit set:

Sleeveless jacket and pleated skirt

Arm covers


Hair accessories and headset (adjustable)


Cospa is a company known for creating cosplay costumes of premium quality. They offer comfortable party costumes at reasonable prices. The official Hatsune Miku costume costs 13,440 JPY (160 USD). Their TranTrip label has released outfits from popular anime series including Gundam, Neon Genesis Evangelion, One Piece and Dragon Ball. It’s the company’s first digital idol wardrobe.

Since it’s a costume designed under the supervision of Crypton Future Media, there’s no doubt that the outfit set comes with excellent details. We know that some cosplayers love to be creative and design their own costume. However, it’s a totally different feel when you know that the details of your costume are exactly like Hatsune Miku’s dress. Unfortunately, the package doesn’t include a wig. You would need to purchase from other stores to complete your Hatsune Miku get-up.

If you’re interested in wearing your favorite virtual idol’s official outfit, you can visit the official product page.

Source: Asahi Shimbun



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