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Just because the PlayStation Vita version of Phantasy Star Online 2 will share the same servers as the PC version, doesn’t mean that this is a mere port with no new features or content added to it (as a matter of fact, even for the PC version the rate at which Sega creates new missions and content for this free-to-play MMORPG is quite staggering).

For starters, the PS Vita version of PSO2 will sport a brand new opening movie, completely different from that in the PC version, which is a welcome change for veteran PSO2 players looking to pick up the portable version as well.

Today Sega has put online that new opening movie from the PS Vita version, which we’ve embedded below. We’ve also embedded the original PSO2 PC version opening movie from almost a year ago, for those of you who might be curious what’s changed.

Simultaneously, Sega has also shared the latest trailer for the PS Vita version of the game, which reveals that you’ll be able to encounter and recruit PlayStation mascot cats Toro and Kuro as NPC party members, a result of a collaboration they’re doing with Sony (the PSO2 development team is different from the Sega feat. Hatsune Miku Project one, but I can’t help but think that this has something to do with the other Sega X Sony collaborations for a PlayStation game).

So, yes, you’ll be able to make use of Toro and Kuro in this game the same way you did Felynes in Monster Hunter titles. Is this again some sort of coincidence, or did someone over at Sega or Sony just have a shrewd sense of humour?

Phantasy Star Online 2 for the PlayStation Vita is scheduled to be released in Japan on February 28, 2013. Like the PC version, it will remain free-to-play, with optional paid content.

Sega currently has plans to localise Phantasy Star Online 2 in English for Western audiences, but they have yet to announce a date as to when the localised version(s) will arrive. In the meantime, fans who’d like to check out the Japanese version of PSO2 may buy a premium retail package (which obviously costs money, but is region-free; you can also download the game client for free on the PlayStation Store, but only if you’re using a Japanese account.)


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