When we first reported on One Piece: Kaizoku Musou 2‘s reveal in the new issue of Jump magazine, we said that the hack-and-slash action title would be making its playable debut at Jump Festa 2013 later this month, along with its first trailer.

Like everyone else, we assumed that we’d have to wait till Jump Festa to happen before we’d be ,.

As it turns out, earlier today Namco Bandai Games decides to surprise fans by putting out Kaizoku Musou 2’s first teaser trailer on the Net before the actual event. I’m sure there’ll be an extended cut at Jump Festa itself, so if you’re a true fan of the One Piece Pirate Warriors series who’s crazy enough to book an air ticket just so you can attend Jump Festa 2013, don’t go contacting your travel agency to cancel yet.

Not much new is shown in the teaser trailer anyway, which for the most part simply reiterates all the information we’ve already read about from Jump magazine: it’s coming sometime in 2013 to the PS3 and Vita, it focuses on the Grand Line, and like in the first game, the Straw Hats Pirates will take on beyond 100,000 pirate enemies throughout their adventure.

The teaser trailer may also have offered a first look at the Vita version of the game. I don’t know for sure, but something about the following image (taken from the trailer) strikes me as different from the rest of what’s shown. Maybe the rendering or shader used in this scene is different? What do you guys think?



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