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When Sega first announced that Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f for the PlayStation Vita would feature 32 brand new tracks, never before seen in the series, fans simultaneously cheered and dismayed.

On the one hand, this meant that you’re essentially getting only fresh content with the brand new title – which is way harder to make than previous instalments since Project Diva f on the Vita runs in high-definition graphics.

But on the other, this also meant that all of your favourite Hatsune Miku songs from past versions wouldn’t be rendered in HD on the palm of your hands through the Vita.

Sure, you could view them old songs on the large screen (your TV) in HD through the Dreamy Theatre PS3 apps. But it’s just not the same as playing those old favourites in the new version (which meant that they’d have to make a fresh new PV for it).

Welp, as it turns out, Sega has got the perfect solution to that: they’re looking to remake fan-favourite tracks from past Project Diva games, for the new version on the PS3 and Vita.

And to do that, they need your help, Hatsune Miku fans. Tell Sega which past Project Diva songs you want to see remade for Diva f (and F).

Just to be clear, a “remake” here refers to an old song getting a new PV and a brand new musical note (button-press) chart in the PS3 and Vita versions.

You can do that starting today, by going to a specially created “Project Diva featured songs election” (Project DIVA収録楽曲総選挙 or Project Diva shuuroku gakkyoku sousenkyo) site that just went live on the Net.

But wait! Don’t go there yet! There are some ground rules you have to follow, and they’re written in Japanese:

Voting period: December 24 18:00 JST to January 15 18:00 JST
– Pick one, and only one, song from the entire list (across all games) below.
– You can, however, vote once everyday. But only once per day.
– After the votes are tallied, Sega will reference the rankings when they decide on which songs to re-make.
– As to when and how these songs will be introduced into the rhythm games, Sega will furnish details on that at a later date.

Also, at the bottom of the page, before you hit the submit button (that’s the one on the right; button on the left is for “resetting” all fields), Sega wants to know if you’re a guy (男) or a gal (女), your age, and which part of the world you live in.

Interestingly, at the bottom of the list of locations are the options Asia (アジア four-last option), America (アメリカ, third from the bottom), Europe (ヨーロッパ, second-last), and Others (その他, bottom of the list) so you don’t have to lie about residing in Japan. In fact, tell Sega where you really live in, so that they know there are fans in that region.

project diva sousenkyo

So get to it! And remember to bookmark the page and return to the site everyday to vote for your favourite track!

Project DIVA 収録楽曲 総選挙



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