senbonzakura 10th nico nico musical

Dwango, the company behind Nico Video, announced today that they will be adapting Kurousa-P’s immensely popular Vocaloid song Senbonzakura into a stage musical, the tenth “Nico Nico Musical” they’ve done so far.

The musical, which will see a total of 17 performances held between March 13 and 24,  features an original story dramatised from the lyrics Kurousa-P wrote for the song about a dystopian mid-18th century world whose denizens suffer the depressing effects of being embroiled in a war-time scenario, and will star Kazuki Kato (“Kamen Rider Drake” in Kamen Rider Kabuto) as the male lead Vocaloid Kaito.


Other leading characters in the musical include Hatsune Miku, Meiko, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, and Megurine Luka – all of whom are Vocaloid software stars under Crypton Future Media. The actors who will play these roles will be announced at a press conference to be held January 10, 2013.

Ginza Hakuhinkan Theatre (銀座博品館劇場) will be staging the production, and tickets to the live performances will begin to be sold online from January.

Nico Video premium users will be given first pick of the tickets, and may purchase the tickets in advance of everyone else from January 10 to 15.

After which, ticket sales will open to the general public from January 19 to 25 (advance ticket sales period), and subsequently from January 27 onwards.

The tickets can be purchased from all the usual joints in Japan: Sunrise Online, Ticket Pia, e-Plus, Lawson Ticket, and directly from Hakuhinkan in Ginza.

On top of “Real” tickets to the physical shows, Nico Video also plans to stream the performances live on their site, available to all users who buy a “Net” ticket to watch.

The livestreamed performances do not need to be watched at the time the real performances are playing; one of Nico Video’s most popular features is the ability to “timeshift” livestreams for later viewing (essentially a DVR function for paid livestreams).

“Real” ticket will cost 6,800 yen (including tax), while a “Net” ticket will be sold for 1,800 Nico Video points if purchased in advance, and 2,000 points if purchased on the day of the performance (1 point or pt is the equivalent of 1 yen).

Kurousa-P’s Senbonzakura has been viewed over 4,800,000 times on Japanese video sharing site Nico Video, and was the most popular user-edit song on Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f for the PlayStation Vita since the game’s launch in August this year. User-edit songs are fan creations made by loading an MP3 onto the PS Vita’s memory card and creating a musical note chart and custom promo video for it.

The song is also currently rumoured to be included as one of the six new songs in Project Diva F for the PS3.

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