After piquing our curiosity with a constant stream of new information (by no means a slow drip) over the past couple of weeks, Sega is finally ready to blow the lid wide open on its “adventure and fantasy life RPG” Shining Ark.

Today the Tokyo-based games publisher put out the first full promo video for the game, with over three minutes’ worth of footage chronicling everything that has been revealed so far: from the main characters, to the plot, game mechanics, and even the recently unveiled antagonists.

Above all, the full PV lets us sample the excellent voice work Shining Ark‘s cast of veteran seiyuus – including Nana Mizuki as Viola and Tomokazu Sugita as Levain – have expertly provided for the game.

Shining Ark will be released in Japan 28 February 2013. UMD and downloadable versions of the game are priced at 6,279 and 5,600 yen respectively.


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