Yesterday at a PlayStation Awards 2012 event in Tokyo, Sony announced that a Soul Sacrifice demo would be released by year’s end and that more details on the exact date would be announced “soon”.

How soon are we talking about? How about, less than 24 hours after they made the announcement?

This week’s issue of Dengeki magazine in Japan is revealing that the Soul Sacrifice demo would hit PSN on December 20 this year. (Note: you will need to log into a Japanese PSN account on your PS Vita to download the demo; a demo for international markets have not yet been announced)

The Soul Sacrifice demo is a prologue chapter of sorts and features multiplayer. Gamers will also be able to carry forward their saved data and progress from the demo into the full release when it comes out in Japan March 7, 2013.

Length-wise, the demo is said to last quite a while – you’ll be able to take on a total of three different bosses.

Expect to hear more about story specifics and other details regarding the Soul Sacrifice demo later this week, as the demo date announcement is actually meant for this Thursday, when the new issue of Weekly Famitsu magazine goes on sale.


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