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Master Gunpla (Gundam plastic models) builders from Southeast Asia won big this past Sunday, December 23, when they were honoured as some of the best in the world at the Gunpla Builders World Cup 2012 crowning ceremony.

The ceremony was held at the Gundam Front Tokyo shopping complex in the Japanese capital’s futuristic district of Odaiba.

Open Course

gunpla open category winners

In the Open category for builders aged 15 years and above, Philippines’s Aristeo Lamig Saavedra Jr. (pictured left in the image above) came in second with his creation, the “1/100 AGE Titus”.

Aristeo was narrowly beaten out by Hong Kong’s Edy Ng, whose masterpiece “Project GWEN – ReZEL FA+FW” impressed judges with its complex beauty; Ng’s creation used a Rezel (from Gundam Unicorn) Gunpla as its base, but mixed in various other parts to achieve its distinctive look.

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1st place winner : Ng Edy – Hong Kong “Project GWEN – ReZEL FA+FW”

2nd place winner : Aristeo Lamig Saavedra Jr. – Philippines “1/100 AGE Titus”

3rd place winner :  Ko Kwon Chul – South Korea “The ZAKU (Return of the J. Ridden)”

Junior Course

gunpla junior category winners

Meanwhile, in the Juniors category for those aged 14 and below, Indonesia’s Allen Ferbrianto (pictured center, with Hong Kong’s Vincent Hui on the left and Thailand’s Krit Somabha on the right) bagged the top prize with his creation, simply entitled “Kabuki”, so-called because he painted the face of the Gunpla model in a way similar to the classic Kabuki technique of putting make-up on, known as Kumadori.

1st place winner : Allen Ferbrianto – Indonesia “Kabuki”

2nd place winner : Vincent Hui – Hong Kong “Saving Gundam Base”

3rd place winner : Krit Somabha – Thailand “Jesta Special Operation”

2012 was the second time that the Gunpla Builders World Cup was held. Regional qualifiers were held in a total of 13 different countries, namely: Japan, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, North America (this qualifier was for America and Canada), China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Source:  Sankei NewsGundam Model Kits


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