Because nothing says “25th Anniversary Celebration” like another port of a 21-year-old game.


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Final Fantasy series, Square Enix is porting the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy IV to iOS on December 20. The game will also be available on Android in the spring of 2013.



While it’s not particularly obvious from the screenshots released so far, the graphics and sound quality are going to be improved for this port so as to take advantage of the superior hardware available in the 6 years since this version of the game was originally released for the DS.

Naturally, the game will also keep the voice-acting that was present in the DS remake, although there’s no word on whether  Square-Enix will allow players to switch between the English and Japanese voice tracks (highly unlikely considering their track record so far, with the exception of Final Fantasy III on the PSP).

The most significant change, besides the obvious switch to touchscreen controls, is the ability to change the difficulty level, intended to allow even beginners to enjoy the game.

Also, to commemorate the release of the iOS version of Final Fantasy IV, there will be a limited-time-only discount on the previously-released iOS Final Fantasy games starting on December 14.

Final Fantasy IV is scheduled to be released internationally on the iTunes app store. In Japan it will go for 1,800 yen.


Source: Famitsu


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