In Steins;Gate Phenogram of Linear Restraint (STEINS;GATE 線形拘束のフェノグラム), apparently series protagonist puts on a superhero costume – “Alpaca Man”, he calls himself – and spends his carefree days protecting the city of Akihabara.

Looks like the self-proclaimed mad scientist has truly gone mad.

But Rintarou Okabe’s story is only one of the self-contained chapters featured in Steins;Gate Phenogram of Linear Restraint (STEINS;GATE 線形拘束のフェノグラム). When this new Steins;Gate sequel was first announced, it was said that the story in the new visual novel will be told not just through the eyes of series protagonist Rintarou Okabe, but also that of the other laboratory members; that “there are as many stories as there are LaboMen, coming in Spring 2013”, the Japanese text you see in the picture above loosely translates to.

As this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine reveals, however, there are actually more stories than there are LaboMen, unless you consider Yuugo Tennouji (also affectionately known as “Mr Braun” due to his love for CRT TVs, called “Braun-kan” in Japanese) a laboratory member. Last I checked, he isn’t.

The new magazine, which officially goes in sale on Japanese newsstands tomorrow, has detailed the synopses for two of the character chapters in Phenogram of Linear Restraint. Synopsis translations after the pictures, as follows:

Rintarou Okabe’s scenario
走査線上のジキル (Dr.Jekyll on lines)
Scenario writer: Shimokura Bio (下倉バイオ, a scenario writer involved in the original Steins;Gate and Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~)

Assuming the role of “Alpaca Man”, a hero and ally of justice who protects the peace in Akihabara, Rintarou Okabe resolves incidents in the city of geeks through the use of D-mail and his time-slip machine.

The only person who knows Alpaca Man’s true identity is Mayuri Shiina, the one who made the Alpaca Man costume that Rintarou now carries with him everyday as he patrols the streets of Akihabara.

Rintarou’s story scenario begins on a day just like any other; except it wasn’t. On this very day, Kurisu Makise appears before Rintaou in a mourning dress, to inform him of a shocking piece of news.

Note: One screenshot here depict Ruka Urushibara being held hostage by 4-degrees-C, the group of no-gooders who previously harassed him in the previous Steins;Gate game. Another shows an alpaca appearing on a TV screen, who is supposedly Alpaca Man’s commanding officer.

Yuugo Tennouji’s scenario
雨鈴鈴曲のスクレイパー (A Strange Building Filled Of Love)
Scenario writer: Shogo Sakamoto (also the scenario writer for The [email protected] series and Way of the Samurai)

Yuugo Tennouji, also known as Mister Braun, owns a CRT TV store called the Braun Tube Workshop in Akihabara, and lives in a building made out of Japanese cypress wood with his daughter Nae Tennouji.

A doting father, Yuugo has been thinking about how he might be able to improve Nae and his living conditions, when he wins the top prize in a lottery. He decides to use the money to renovate the building (or possibly rebuild it from scratch, I’m not sure).

When the renovation works were done, however, Nae’s facial expressions turned way gloomier than before, which Yuugo found disstressing. And so Rintarou Okabe suggests to Yuugo the idea of sending a D-mail back to the past, in order to fix the situation.

Source: Katakoto Nikki


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