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In the light novel series, Sword Art Online protagonist Kirito first meets Sinon in the VRMMO game Gun Gale Online (not covered in the recently concluded TV anime show). Catch a glimpse of her in the latest TV commercial for the PSP JRPG, that Namco Bandai Games has just posted today.

But since Infinity Moment features an original story penned by series writer Reki Kawahara, where a glitch in the system is preventing protagonist Kirito and the rest of the game’s players from successfully logging out upon beating the final boss early, a greater range of creative freedom and fan-service is possible.

For instance, you can make Lyfa, one of the more popular characters in the series who do not appear until after Kirito manages to log out from Sword Art Online, your tag-team partner as your roam the worlds encapsulated in levels 76 to 100 in SWO’s world setting of Aincrad.

Other options include Strea, an original character designed for the game, and Sinon from the light novels who first appears in Gun Gale Online, but subsequently plays Alfheim Online, where she’s an archer.

In Infinity Moment, Sinon is the only archer character that you can partner up with. If that’s not enough incentive for you to pick her over the other heroines in the game, like Asuna or Lyfa, then maybe her sultry voice will; Sinon is played by seasoned voice actress Miyuki Sawashiro.

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If you’re not familiar with the Sword Art Online anime series, basically a huge part of the plot is about 10,000 hardcore Virtual Reality MMO players, who thought they were lucky to be able to snag up the completely-sold-out first-print-run of Sword Art Online, being forced to play the game for real when the creator decides to trap their consciousness within the VRMMO (by erasing the log-out function).

The only way they’d get out, the creator said, was to beat the boss at the end of the 100th level before they can log-out and wake up from this nightmare. Only catch? Player deaths are permanent, in that an electromagnetic wave from the VRMMO device will literally fry your brain if you die in the game.

In the anime series, Kirito and the rest of the comnmunity were trapped in Sword Art Online for over two years, but were finally let out after beating the boss early, at the 75th level.

Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, however, branches off from the anime series at the point when the final boss is defeated. Due to a glitch the game does not realise that it’s been cleared already, and now Kirito and gang struggle to reach the 100th floor in hopes that doing so will finally let them out from this nightmare (although they do not know if there is even a way for them to get out of this mess).

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